Iluminar 1000W DE – HPS Complete Commercial Fixture

$ 384.99 USD
ILUMINAR'S 1000W DE-HPS commercial fixture is a feature-rich Double-Ended High Pressure Sodium all-in-one unit. Designed with a low shadow footprint for commercial reliability, the ILUMINAR DE-HPS 1000W unit stands toe-to-toe with any comparable fixture on the market with all the features you'd expect:
  • Dimmable high-frequency ballast with overdrive
  • Eye Hortilux DE-HPS spec bulb (Included in box)
  • 0-10V Controllable
  • German Aluminum Reflector with 96%> reflectivity
  • Interchangeable reflectors for different ceiling heights
  • DE Lamp Balanced mounting
  • Remote control compatible

ILUMINAR Touch Screen Controller

$ 339.99 USD
  • Touch Screen
  • 2 Independent Zones, Controls 60 lights per zone
  • Automatic shutdown at Climate Control Failure to safeguard your grow
  • Dual Temperature Probe Inputs
  • Control up to 120 fixtures per controller
  • 60 fixtures per zone
  • 180 meter maximum cord distance per zone
  • Auto Temp Shutdown
Currently not compatible with any of the ILUMINAR LED products. HPS/MH only.