STACK!T 28 Clip Stainless Steel Drying Rack

$ 19.99 USD
The ideal position for drying harvests is hanging them vertically! Flowers dried vertically will maintain their shape and aroma; which can lead to a higher quality end product. This hanging rack features all stainless steel construction, including 28 heavy-duty clips, a strong frame, and lockable hanging hook.
  • Hangs plants vertically for even drying
  • Maintains flower shape for maximum visual appeal and aroma
  • Sturdy stainless steel clips can hold heavy harvest up to 0.8 lbs per clip (22.4 lbs total)
  • The outer frame measurements are 13.5" x 19.75", and each stainless steel clip is 2.3" in length.

STACK!T Drying Rack w/Zipper, 2 ft, Flippable

$ 39.95 USD
Breathable mesh allows for maximum air circulation so flowers and herbs dry quickly. Six individual drying chambers zip shut to protect your harvest. Collapses flat for storage in the handy zippered case.
  • Breathable mesh for quick drying of flowers & herbs
  • Zippered sidewalls protect your harvest
  • Lightweight and easy to hang
  • Includes 6 trays - 10" tall x 24" diameter
  • Easy to hang with included carabiner clip and Velcro¨ loops
  • U-shaped zipper openings
  • Hanging loops at top and bottom so you can flip entire unit for faster drying
  • Strong wire frames
  • Carabiner clip for hanging
  • Storage case
  • Measures 6 feet tall when fully extended