Electric Sky ES300 Wideband LED

$ 695.00 USD
Same Great Yield Results as High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting with 40% Less Energy Use and 50% of the Heat.
  • True 300W Power Consumption - Incredible Light Output
  • GS1 Wideband Spectrum - Continuous 400nm - 780nm response
  • A Plant-Tuned "Wideband" Full Spectrum for Rapid Vegetative Growth and Heavy Yield
  • Comfortable Plant Viewing - See Plants in True Color without Light Shining Into Your Eyes
  • Full Light Intensity Adjustment for All Stages of Plant Growth - Control Multiple Lights at Once with Included Daisy-Chain Dimming Kit
  • Silent Operation & Passively Cooled with No Moving Parts
  • Unique Rectangular Light Projection Perfectly Fits Grow Tents or Expands to Any Area
  • Linear Lenses Prevent Light Loss and Increase Canopy Penetration & Growth Power
  • Premium, Heavy Duty & Solid Construction with LEDs Protected by Easy-Clean Lenses
  • 3-Year Warranty