SolarSystem 550 VEG Programmable LED

$ 620.00 USD
Highest performing LED systems available! Same Great Yield Results as 600W Metal Halide High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting with 40% Less Energy Use.
  • The ultimate veg light with a heavy blue concentration
  • Fully programmable for all phases of growth (SolarSystem Controller required)
  • Replaces a 600 watt MH HID with 40% Less Energy
  • Heavier vegetative growth and bushier plants
  • Perfect for Propagation or Veg
  • Never Needs Bulbs Ð Easy to Install
  • User Replaceable Fans
  • 120V Chord
  • Perfect for small or large scale grows
  • 5-Year Warranty - Made in the USA
NOTE: SolarSystem Programmable Spectrum Controller required to be fully programmable