PhytoMAX-2 1000 LED

$ 2,279.00 USD
  • Increases yield by 60% or more over a 1000W HPS
  • 420 High-Output 5-watt LEDs
  • The brightest, highest-power LED grow lights for sale on the market - 1050 True Watts - 2100 LED Watts
  • Largest Proven Footprint of any LED Grow Light
  • Commercial Grade LED Grow Lights
  • Metal adjustable ratcheting 8-foot light hangers
  • 120V Chord
  • Industry-Leading 5-Year Warranty

SolarSystem 1100 UVB Programmable LED

$ 1,430.00 USD
Highest performing LED systems available! Same Great Yield Results as 1000W High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting with 40% Less Energy Use.
  • Advanced LED Grow Light System
  • Replaces a 1000 watt HPS with 40% Less Energy
  • Fully Programmable Spectrum Control
  • Higher Yields and Better Quality
  • Perfect for Propagation, Veg or Bloom
  • Never Needs Bulbs - Easy to Install
  • User Replaceable Fans
  • 120V Chord
  • Perfect for small or large scale grows
  • 5-Year Warranty - Made in the USA
NOTE: SolarSystem Programmable Spectrum Controller required to be fully programmable WARNING: Exposure to UVB light can damange skin and eyes. Turn the light of before entering the room, for use on plants only. CAUTION: Risk of electrical shock. Use in dry locations only. Not to be used on a dimmer circuit. Use only SolarSystem 24 Watt T5 UVB bulb