Mars Hydro Smart FC-E1000W CO2 Plus Scalable 1000W LED Grow Light

$ 820.00 USD

Unleash your plants’ full potential with the Mars Hydro FC-E1000W. This 1000W LED grow light offers app-controlled full spectrum lighting for all growth stages, making it ideal for high PPFD cultivation. With 10 adjustable light bars, it’s perfect for commercial growers looking for versatility and results.

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Unlock the full potential of your indoor cultivation with the Mars Hydro FC-E1000W. This 1000W LED grow light offers app-controlled full spectrum lighting for all growth stages. It’s perfect for high PPFD cultivation and boasts a PPF of 2,766 umol/s, making it Mars Hydro’s most powerful grow light yet.

What sets the FC-E1000W apart is its impressive scalability. With 10 adjustable light bars, it adapts effortlessly to different setups, whether you have a 4×4 grow space, a 4×6 area, or specialized stand-alone configurations. The movable light bar allows you to fine-tune light distribution, ensuring an even crop within the effective coverage area.

  • Wattage – 900W ± 5% @ 120V; 1000W ± 5% @ 240V
  • General Coverage – 4×4 ft
  • Extended Coverage – 4×6 ft


  • Ewquivalent to 2000 watts HID lamp
  • High PPE (Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy): 2.8 µmol/J
  • Up to 3.0 g/W (Grams per Watt)
  • DLC & ETL listed (DesignLights Consortium and Electrical Testing Laboratories certified)
  • PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) 2766umol/S @ AC120V
  • 50% higher PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) compared to HID lamps
  • Balanced, full-spectrum light output
  • 50% lower power consumption compared to HID lamps
  • 10 passively-cooled bars provide broad-coverage for full-cycle growth
  • Dimmable
  • 5-year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • IP65 waterproof

Featuring high-quality BridgeLux diodes, it delivers an impressive efficiency of up to 2.8 µmol/j, providing over 1,000 μmol/m²/s PPFD in its transformed form and up to 2,000 μmol/m²/s PPFD in its general form. This makes it a powerful choice for both specialized and professional indoor growing, promoting maximum productivity.

The FC-E1000W also offers broad-spectrum lighting for full-cycle plant growth, a dimming box for precise light adjustment, and a daisy-chain function for managing up to 30 lights in a series. It’s UL-listed and CE-certified, ensuring safety and performance. With a wide input voltage range of 100-277V AC, it’s compatible with various horticultural applications, and it comes with a five-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

Elevate your indoor cultivation with app-controlled precision using the FC-E1000W from Mars Hydro.

Weight 38.5 lbs
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