Sunmaster 1000W Full Nova

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Sunmaster's 1000W FULL NOVA is chemically engineered to deliver midday light, producing near identical proportioned amounts of red, blue, far-red energy compared to sunlight. High balanced output between 400nm and 700nm drives strong vegetative growth through flower. Plants grown under 1000W FULL NOVA appear healthier and support more flowering in a shorter period of time. E-ballast compatible. 1-year warranty.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 3.4 × 3.3 in
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Over 30 years of proven plant growth lighting innovation has made SUNMASTER a trusted global leader in horticultural lighting science. Optimized spectral output is critical in meeting the needs of various plant growth phases. SUNMASTER provides the most comprehensive line of HID lamps specifically tailored for the hydroponic and horticultural industries. SUNMASTER lamps are designed with tailored spectral output for specific plant growth needs with special dosing technology to produce more PAR watts, the total light energy available for photosynthesis, than other HID sources. Moreover, each SUNMASTER lamp has been customized to meet the diverse nutrition requirements of plants at various stages of their growth cycles.