ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter

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ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter System

Solve the age-old challenge of raising and lowering supplemental light fixtures

Enhance light efficiency for optimal plant growth

  • Lifting Range: ≤ 8.8 ft. (2.7m / 106 inches)
  • Maximum Loading Weight: ≤ 132 lbs (60 kg)

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The ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter System is a groundbreaking solution to the age-old challenge of efficiently raising and lowering supplemental light fixtures in your cultivation space. Designed to elevate your indoor and greenhouse cultivation practices, this system brings the convenience of modern technology to enhance light efficiency and optimize plant growth.

Recently, LED grow lights have revolutionized indoor and greenhouse cultivation methods. ThinkGrow LEDs are at the cutting edge of LED design within the industry. But LEDs also pose unique new challenges to get the most from them. Even after choosing the best LEDs on the market, even the best growers might discover a common problem: How to effortlessly raise and lower the LEDs to maximize light efficiency? ThinkGrow tackled this challenge and developed the most complete light lifting system ever conceived.

  • Lifting Range: ≤ 8.8 ft. (2.7m / 106 inches)
  • Maximum Loading Weight: ≤ 132 lbs (60 kg)

The Modular Lifter System Provides Maximum Flexibility

The ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter System is engineered to be a modular design, allowing multiple lifters to be synchronized together by daisy-chaining them. This system consists of a Light Lifter (LLT-1) and a Lifter Remote Control (LRC-1). Each lifter can raise up to 132 lbs, reaching heights of up to 8.8 feet. This is accomplished by using precision-controlled motorized lifting assemblies with individual precision positioning transducers. The easily expandable modular lifter system provides user customization, allowing maximum flexibility for both weight-bearing requirements and lighting layout by simply changing the number of modular lifting units.

Achieve Maximum Light Efficiency at ThinkGrow

To achieve maximum light efficiency, the distance between the LED light and the plant canopy should be maintained at a close and ideal distance. When grow lights are hung too high over the plants, much of the light energy is lost before it can reach the plants. An ideal light lifter system allows light levels to be dimmed to a lower power level while still providing the desired PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) and proper light spread on the plants. Being able to easily raise and lower the fixtures at the desired height level provides the user with higher overall lighting efficiency.

Maximizing light efficiency in a large-scale growing facility will save an immense amount of energy over time. Grow rooms with a practical light lifter system installed can easily raise and lower the LED lights to achieve and maintain this ideal distance throughout the plants’ life cycle.

Smart Lifter Remote

The LRC-1 Smart Lifter Remote is designed to be used with the LLT-1 Smart Light Lifters. Its plug & play feature enables users to easily install and operate the light lifter(s) from a distance and program the maximum and minimum range limits of LLT-1 light lifters. Simple Up and Down manual operation is accomplished using two push buttons on the LRC-1. The LRC-1 Lifter Remote can also be connected with the TrolMaster Hydro-X Pro controller for advanced features such as lifter-group control and more. When the LRC-1 is paired with the Hydro-X Pro, users can conveniently and smoothly control each individual lifter group or all groups together on one main controller. Each LRC-1 controls a group of lifters. Users can program the height range setting in each group and precisely raise and lower the multiple fixtures in each lifter group with the press of a button.

Scheduled Auto-lifting

The ThinkGrow Smart Light System can also connect to the Hydro-X Pro Control System for additional advanced features, enabling users to connect, control, and program synchronized operation on multiple light lifters from a single controller. One of the new advanced features when using the Hydro-X Pro controller with the Light Lifter System is the Scheduled Auto-lifting. The System is engineered to seamlessly integrate into this feature. Users can easily raise the LEDs and adjust the lifting schedules according to their needs on the Hydro-X Pro controller. The ideal distance between the LED lights and the plant canopy will be maintained automatically by raising the lights as the plants grow taller.

The Spray Mode

The Spray Mode is another advanced feature on the Hydro-X Pro controller which allows users to temporarily change the grow room environment during foliar or pesticide spraying operations. Sometimes growers need to spray their crops. Spraying can be harmful to electronics, including LED lights. With the Hydro-X Pro Spray Mode, users can set up a simple subroutine and adjust the LEDs to move up to a custom height level to protect the LED fixtures from being sprayed. When the spray operation is completed, all settings on the Hydro-X Pro will be automatically turned back to the initial conditions, and the fixtures will be lowered back to their original height, mitigating the risk of human error potentially damaging the LED systems.

Elevate your cultivation game, save energy, and maximize efficiency with the ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter System – the ultimate solution for raising and lowering your supplemental light fixtures effortlessly and intelligently.

Weight 22.7 lbs
Dimensions 20.9 × 7.29 × 4.17 in


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