VYPR 3p LED Top Light

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  • Fixture PPF up to 2330 µmol/s
  • High efficacy up to 3.8 µmol/s
  • Replaces 1000W HPS fixture with over 40% energy savings
  • Optional reflector kit for wider light pattern and uniform PPFD
  • PhysioSpec™ BROAD and PhysioSpec™ DUAL spectra options
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The VYPR 3p Grow Light is a high-performance lighting solution designed to enhance your cultivation practices. With a focus on efficiency and quality, this grow light offers a range of features to benefit both your plants and your energy bills.

Key Features:

  • Impressive Fixture PPF: Achieve high fixture PPF up to 2330 µmol/s, ensuring your plants receive the light they need for optimal growth.
  • High Efficacy: Benefit from high efficacy up to 3.8 µmol/s, providing efficient light output for your cultivation.
  • Energy Savings: Replace your 1000W HPS fixture with the VYPR 3p and enjoy over 40% energy savings.
  • Optional Reflector Kit: Enhance your lighting setup with the optional reflector kit, which provides a wider light pattern and uniform PPFD at the plant canopy.
  • PhysioSpec™ BROAD and PhysioSpec™ DUAL Spectra: Choose from six spectra options designed to balance energy efficiency and the quality of light to meet the specific needs of your plants and create an ideal work environment.

Elevate your cultivation practices with the VYPR 3p Grow Light. Whether you’re a professional grower or a dedicated hobbyist, this lighting solution offers efficiency, performance, and energy savings.

Weight 7.8 lbs
Dimensions 42.33 × 2.91 × 3.23 in

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