Xtrasun De Lighting System Open 1000W 240V

$ 372.00 USD

The Xtrasun DE double-ended 240V lighting system is a high-intensity horticultural lighting system that is an excellent choice for a range of applications. It combines an Xtrasun open double-ended reflector with a variable-wattage Xtrasun DE ballast and a high-PAR Xtrasun DE high-pressure sodium lamp.

The Xtrasun DE 240V ballast features rugged build quality, multi-aspect protection circuitry, and variable wattage output that offers several choices on a range from 600W to 1150W using 1000W DE lamps.

  • Open design delivers maximized light output and optimal heat management
  • Excellent uniformity makes it the ideal reflector for lower mounting heights
  • Multifaceted 95% reflective European hammertone aluminum reflector
  • CSA-certified, RF shielding, and is FCC compliant.
  • Totally silent while operating.
  • Vented top for heat management and longer lamp life
  • Requires fewer reflectors to meet desired light levels
  • VersatileÑcan be used for many different applications
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Weight 14.3 lbs
Dimensions 23.8 × 12.2 × 11 in
Bulb Type

Base Type


Xtrasun High Pressure Sodium (HPS) (600W, 1000W) and Metal Halide (MH) (1000W) lamps deliver the brightest, broadest spectrum of light for fastest growth; while providing long-lasting, reliable operation throughout the grow cycle. Xtrasun lamps offer exceptional performance, feature high-quality components, and are specifically engineered to distribute intense light for flowering and full cycle plant growth. These lamps work great with the air-coolable, CSA-certified Xtrasun AC reflectors. The low-profile design of the Xtrasun reflectors makes them easy to use when changing out bulbs. Whatever your lighting needs, Xtrasun has you covered.