Xtrasun Dual Arc (HPS to MH) Lamp, 1000W, 2800K

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Our Xtrasun High Pressure Sodium (HPS) + Metal Halide (MH) Dual Arc lamps offer the benefits of HPS and MH technology simultaneously within one lamp. These Dual Arc lamps are engineered specifically for use with both magnetic and electronic ballasts. With their 2800 Kelvin color temperature, they consistently provide intense light in a combined spectral range perfect for both vegetative and flowering/fruiting growth. Xtrasun lamps offer exceptional performance and feature high-quality components.

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Dimensions 16.5 × 3.1 × 3.1 in
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Xtrasun High Pressure Sodium (HPS) (600W, 1000W) and Metal Halide (MH) (1000W) lamps deliver the brightest, broadest spectrum of light for fastest growth; while providing long-lasting, reliable operation throughout the grow cycle. Xtrasun lamps offer exceptional performance, feature high-quality components, and are specifically engineered to distribute intense light for flowering and full cycle plant growth. These lamps work great with the air-coolable, CSA-certified Xtrasun AC reflectors. The low-profile design of the Xtrasun reflectors makes them easy to use when changing out bulbs. Whatever your lighting needs, Xtrasun has you covered.