ILUMINAR 720W HYPERmol 120V-277V

$ 850.00 USD

Introducing the HYPERmol™ from ILUMINAR, a revolutionary horticultural LED fixture designed for intense, full spectrum light that’s efficient and easy to use. Ideal for both hobbyist and commercial growers, it offers cost-effective, plug-and-play functionality and can be assembled or disassembled within seconds. Enjoy a reliable and low-maintenance lighting solution that’s compatible with all 0-10V controllers. Discover high-performance, full spectrum LED lighting with HYPERmol™.

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ILUMINAR HYPERmol™ Horticultural LED Fixture: Efficiency Meets Ease

HYPERmol™ is the latest innovation from ILUMINAR, providing horticultural growers with an efficient, intense, and user-friendly LED lighting solution. This revolutionary fixture meets the needs of both hobbyist and commercial growers who sought a cost-effective, full spectrum LED lighting solution, focused on the essentials. The result is a reliable, easy-to-clean lighting system that can be assembled or disassembled in seconds.

Evolved, Efficient, and Easy!

We’ve taken the concept of plug-and-play to the next level with our high-performance LED grow light. Unfolding your new HYPERmol™ fixture, hanging it up, and you’re ready to grow – it’s as simple as that. No tools are required, and there are no light bars to screw in. HYPERmol™ arrives ready to use and is compatible with all our 0-10V controllers, making it a seamless addition to your setup.

Truly Full Spectrum for Every Plant Stage

ILUMINAR’s HYPERmol™ embodies the latest in LED and fixture design technology, the result of years of product development and refinement. It delivers full spectrum light rich in both blue and red wavelengths, perfectly suited for the complete plant lifecycle. Increased blue light content helps reduce internodal stretching during the transition and early flowering stages, while the predominant red wavelengths drive generative production.

Quick Specs:

  • Wattage: 720W
  • PPF: 1,944 µmol/s
  • Efficacy: 2.7 µmol/J

Key Features:

  • Spectrum Tuned: Full Spectrum Growth
  • High Efficiency SMD LED Array
  • Low Profile Design
  • ETL/FCC/CE Listed for Quality Assurance
  • 5-Year Warranty for Your Peace of Mind

Experience the next level of indoor horticulture with the HYPERmol™. Efficiency meets ease, making it a reliable and high-performing addition to your grow room. Unlock the benefits of full spectrum LED lighting with ILUMINAR’s HYPERmol™.

Weight 50.3 lbs
Dimensions 41.9 × 43.5 × 2.3 in

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Dimming Control

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ILUMINAR Lighting is the leading manufacturer in the agricultural market, specializing in a comprehensive range of indoor lighting solutions. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures our clients achieve maximum yields and product quality through an extensive product lineup spanning light spectrum, energy efficiency, and voltage options. Our state-of-the-art LED and DE Grow Lighting boasts the industry's lowest failure rate, making us the go-to choice for indoor horticultural lighting that truly goes the distance.