PhytoMAX-4 24S LED Grow Light

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Delivering a light output of 3188 μmol/s using only 1500 watts, the 24S light is the powerhouse of the PhytoMAX-4 line.

The distinction between the SP and SC models is in their respective power cords and voltage capacities:

  • SP Model:
    • Features an IEC power cord rated for 100-250 Volts.
    • Not recommended for greenhouse use.
  • SC Model:
    • Equipped with a locking, water-tight power cord rated for 100-277 Volts.
    • Ensures a secure and water-resistant connection.
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Unparalleled Yield and Quality

PhytoMAX-4 lights are designed to grow the highest-quality and highest-quantity harvests. Rather than striving for the highest-possible photons per watt, PhytoMAX-4 is designed to give the highest yield per watt while maximizing terpenes, pigments and cannibinoid production.


Black Dog has been perfecting grow lights and supporting our customers since 2010- we’re among the oldest LED grow light manufacturers still in existence.

Customer Support

We’ve grown thousands of different kinds of plants with our lights ourselves, and our customer support is second-to-none, ranging from lighting questions to garden issues. If you’re growing 4 plants or 40,000 we’ve got the experience to help.


Dimmable from 15% – 100% with industry-standard 0-10V dimming controllers.

Active Cooling

PhytoMAX-4 increases efficiency and maximizes lifespan by actively cooling the LEDs. Cooler LEDs run more efficiently and have a longer lifespan, especially for the specialty UV and violet LEDs we use. While fans are a moving part, we’ve never had one fail in tens of thousands of lights over the past 13 years, plus our patented design includes multiple redundant fans. Even if one were to fail, your light will keep running just fine.

Designed and Assembled in Colorado

We utilize only the highest-quality parts and have been perfecting the PhytoMAX design for over 8 years- these lights are built to last!

Hanging Hardware Included

A pair of V-hooks and ratcheting rope hangers are included with every light.

Amp Draw

15.0 @ 100V
12.5 @ 120V
7.21 @ 208V
6.52 @ 230V
6.25 @ 240V
5.42 @ 277V (SC model only)

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Rated Wattage

Bulb Type


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Dimming Control

Expected Life Span

LED Number

Cord Length



Power Factor

Operating Temperature


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