SPYDR 2x 47″ LED Grow Light

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  • Early-development stage lighting for commercial horticulture
  • Full-cycle lighting for home hobbyists without CO2 supplementation
  • Suits ambient conditions at approximately 400 ppm CO2
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The SPYDR 2x is a versatile top-lighting solution designed to meet the diverse needs of growers, whether you are involved in commercial horticulture or are a home hobbyist.

Key Features:

  • Early-Development Stage Lighting: Ideal for commercial horticulture during the early development stages of plant growth.
  • Full-Cycle Lighting: Perfect for home hobbyists cultivating without the need for CO2 supplementation.
  • Ambient Conditions: Suitable for use in ambient conditions with CO2 levels at around 400 ppm.

With the SPYDR 2x, you have a top-lighting solution that adapts to your specific requirements, whether you’re a commercial grower or a hobbyist. Experience the flexibility and quality of lighting that can take your cultivation to the next level.

Choose the SPYDR 2x Top-Lighting Solution for a lighting solution that suits your unique needs.

Weight 16.7 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 42.8 × 1.26 in

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