The Original Resinator OG Base Models – Trim, Sift, or Wash

$ 3,335.00 USD

ORIGINAL RESINATOR BASE OG MODELS: The optimal solution for post-harvest processing. Tailored for specific needs with options in Trim, Sift, or Wash editions. Each model includes the necessary accessories for a smooth operation. Upgradeable with additional packages and backed by our 2-year warranty. For holistic requirements, consider the OG Classic Bundle.

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By popular demand, we have crafted the quintessential version of our Resinator Classic Bundles. Introducing base models that come equipped solely with the screen and accessories required for every post-harvest function. Choose from Trim, Sift, or Wash editions and get what you need, without unnecessary additions. Want more? Upgrade your BASE OG machine with our affordable add-on packages tailored for each post-harvest processing you desire. For those seeking the entire suite, explore our OG Classic Bundle.

Base Model Package Features:

  • Efficient for both dry or wet buds. Capacities vary based on the function: wash/trim up to 1.5 lbs dry or 4 lbs wet per cycle, or sift 3 lbs dry up to 10 lbs wet biomass per cycle.
  • OG Cryo-Trim® Base Model Kit: Comes with a 1/4″ mesh trim screen, thermometer, stopwatch, CO2 Hose with fittings, food-grade leaf collection tool, and brush.
  • OG Cryo-Sieve® Base Model Kit: Equipped with a durable food-grade 200 Micron screen, 3-pack food-grade agitation balls, thermometer, stopwatch, CO2 Hose with fittings, kief scraper, and brush.
  • OG Ice Water Wash Base Model Kit: Everything you need (excluding ice water): Durable food-grade 200-micron drum screen, thermometer, stopwatch, and a high-flow drain kit with shutoff valve.
  • All components are user-friendly, ensuring easy removal, cleaning, and replacement.
  • Eco-friendly motor runs on standard US 115V power and consumes less than 1.5 Amps.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 2-year warranty and unique Buyback Guarantee program on all Original Resinator Base Model and Classic Bundle machines.

OG Base Model Daily Throughputs:

  • Cryo-Trim®: 144 dry lb/day, 432 wet lb/day
  • Cryo-Sieve®: 144 dry lb/day, 432 wet lb/day
  • Ice Water Hash Washing: 48 dry lb/day, 144 wet lb/day

Notes: CO2 tanks and gas are sold separately. They are essential for genuine Cryo-Trim® and Cryo-Sieve® functionalities. Wet trim is recommended for pre-frozen buds or for Live-Dried flower production with a Freeze Dryer.

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 19 × 24 in


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