ThinkGrow Model-H Plus 720W LED Grow Light, 120-277V

$ 1,499.00 USD

High PPFD LED Grow Light for Vertical Farming

True 5′ wide fixture with 720 watts input power

Four adjustable spectrum channels for customizable lighting

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The Model-H LED Grow Light is purposefully designed for high PPFD cultivation practices in vertical farming. Its full spectrum design comprehensively covers each critical phase of plant growth, from vegetative to flowering. This full-spectrum lighting solution empowers growers to achieve remarkable results by providing the ideal light spectrum for their crops.

One of the standout features of the Model-H is its adjustable spectrum. With the spectral tuning capability, growers have the flexibility to experiment with spectrum recipes suitable for different crops and stages of growth. This tuning feature can be easily achieved using the onboard dimming knob or compatible controllers, providing ultimate control over your plants’ light environment.

What’s Included:

  • Model-H Grow Light (8 Light Bars & 1 Driver)
  • 12-Foot Power Cord (240 Volt)
  • 16-Foot 4Pins Waterproof Extension Cable
  • 2 Model-H Driver Hangers

Benefits of the ThinkGrow Model-H LED Grow Light

  • Adjustable Spectrum for customized lighting.
  • On-Board Dimming for precise control.
  • Group Control for convenience.
  • External Controllability for advanced management.
  • IP56 Waterproof for durability in various environments.
  • Plug & Play for straightforward setup.
  • Full Spectrum Design to support all growth stages.
  • Outstanding Efficiency of 2.7 µmol/J System Efficacy for energy savings.

The adjustable spectrum and onboard dimming feature make it easy for growers to fine-tune the lighting conditions for their crops. Moreover, with the option for group control (Hydro-X Pro Only), managing multiple units becomes a breeze. The external controllability allows growers to integrate the Model-H seamlessly into their advanced cultivation setups.

With an IP56 waterproof rating, this LED grow light is built to withstand various environmental conditions while maintaining optimal performance. It’s a plug-and-play solution, making installation and setup hassle-free.

For even more versatility, consider the optional upgrade: the ThinkGrow Smart Light Lifter & Remote. This advanced system includes the LLT-1 light lifter, designed for synchronized multi-lifter operation, customizable expandability, and easy installation. The light lifter system simplifies the raising and lowering of supplemental light fixtures, promoting efficiency without compromising quality or safety.

The ThinkGrow Light Lifter System can be controlled with ease, either with a simple touch of a button or by pre-setting schedules using an external controller. It’s the first SMART light lifter system on the market with continuous upgrade options, offering a solution that evolves with your grow facility for the utmost efficiency.

The LRC-1 Smart Lifter Remote, designed for use with LLT-1 Smart Light Lifters, allows for convenient remote operation and programming of lifters’ range limits, providing further flexibility and control over your supplemental lighting setup.

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