ThinkGrow UV Grow Light Bar for Model-H/Model-W

$ 125.00 USD

ThinkGrow UV Light Bar (UV-1) for Model-H/W

Enhance terpene production for improved aroma and flavor

70 watts full spectrum light + 10 watts supplemental UV light

ThinkGrow Model-H 630W LED Grow Light, 120-277V

ThinkGrow Model-H Plus 720W LED Grow Light, 120-277V

ThinkGrow Model-W 630W LED Grow Light, 120-277V

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The ThinkGrow UV-1 Light Bar is a purpose-designed addition for use with the Model-H/W grow lights, specifically crafted to enhance your horticultural success. This innovative light bar introduces a crucial element to your indoor cultivation setup by mimicking the properties of natural sunlight through the addition of UV (Ultraviolet) light.

Why UV light? UV light is known to have a profound impact on terpene production in plants. Terpenes are the organic compounds responsible for the unique aroma and flavor profiles of herbs and plants. By incorporating the ThinkGrow UV-1 bar into your Model-H/W setup, you can elevate terpene production, resulting in herbs with enhanced smell and flavor, making your cultivation efforts even more rewarding.

Each UV-1 bar boasts an impressive performance, delivering a combination of 70 watts of full-spectrum light alongside an additional 10 watts of supplemental UV light. The recommended application of the UV-1 bars is to swap in two bars during the last 4 weeks of the flowering cycle for a 4’x4′ or 5’x5′ coverage area. This strategic use of supplemental UV light during the critical flowering stage helps maximize the production of terpenes, ultimately improving the quality of your harvest.

Elevate your cultivation game and enhance the aroma and flavor of your herbs with the ThinkGrow UV-1 Light Bar – the perfect addition to your Model-H/W grow light system.

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 in

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