Greenbeams CMH Reflector With Phantom CMH Ballast and 4200K Lamp

$ 452.00 USD

Greenbeams lighting increases plant yields by its unique ability to deliver wall-to-wall uniform light intensity over the full plant canopy. This is achieved by the geometry of its patented reflector. It collects the photons from a vertically mounted Philips 315W CMH lamp and distributes them in a uniform 360-degree radial distribution pattern. This light is purposefully reflected off the grow room walls to deliver uniform intensity onto full canopy of the perimeter and interior plants.

  • Uniform plant growth wall to wall Geometry
  • No hot spots throughout room
  • 92.6% luminaire efficacy
  • Cuts electricity cost 35% vs. 1000W HPS
  • Cuts A/C operating costs 50%
  • Removes requirement to rotate plants
  • Eliminates need of raising/lowering reflector
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Weight 18.9 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 14 in
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