ILUMINAR 18W Clone LED 2 Pack (36W Total) 120V-277V

$ 100.00 USD

Drive consistent canopies, crop quality, and productivity with energy-efficient cloning at any scale. The LED Clone 18W twin-pack includes two LED bars that are perfect for illuminating full-sized propagators or equivalent cloning machines. These DLC Certified LEDs promote quick rooting, overall plant health, and vigorous early growth. With daisy chain capability, long-term reliability, and a 5-year warranty, it’s a smart choice for growers.

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ILUMINAR LED Clone 18W Twin-Pack: Energy-Efficient Cloning at Any Scale

For consistent canopies, crop quality, and enhanced productivity, look no further than the ILUMINAR LED Clone 18W twin-pack. This cutting-edge solution provides energy-efficient cloning that can be scaled to meet your specific needs. Each package includes two LED bars, suitable for illuminating two full-sized propagators or equivalent cloning machines.


  • PPF: 40 µmol/s
  • Package Includes: 2-Pack Energy-Efficient Clone LEDs
  • Benefits: Boost early growth
  • DLC Certified for Quality Assurance
  • Daisy Chain Capability for Easy Expansion
  • Long-Term Reliability for Peace of Mind
  • IP66 Rating for Use in Wet Environments
  • Input Power: 18W (36W total Wattage)

Drive consistent canopies, enhance crop quality, and boost productivity with a continuous supply of healthy, homogenous, and vigorous clones. ILUMINAR’s LED Clone 18W twin-pack offers a versatile and energy-efficient solution suitable for any scale of cloning.

Energy-Efficient Cloning at Any Scale

Compared to similar high-output T5 fluorescent tubes, the LED Clone bars use just 33% of the energy while lasting over twice as long. They deliver a superior 9000K spectrum, carefully tailored to promote quick rooting, overall plant health, and vigorous early growth in both stem cuttings and seedlings.

Growers can enjoy long-term reliability and peace of mind with ILUMINAR Lighting’s 5-Year warranty. The LEDs are also rated with an IP66 protection level, making them suitable for use in wet environments. Each LED Clone bar is designed to provide 54,000+ hours of use.

Choose the ILUMINAR LED Clone 18W twin-pack for energy-efficient and reliable cloning, ensuring a continuous supply of healthy and productive clones for your indoor horticulture operation.

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ILUMINAR Lighting is the leading manufacturer in the agricultural market, specializing in a comprehensive range of indoor lighting solutions. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures our clients achieve maximum yields and product quality through an extensive product lineup spanning light spectrum, energy efficiency, and voltage options. Our state-of-the-art LED and DE Grow Lighting boasts the industry's lowest failure rate, making us the go-to choice for indoor horticultural lighting that truly goes the distance.