ILUMINAR 630W iLogic8 LED Grow Light UV Far-Red 120V-277V

$ 1,560.00 USD

The 630W iLogic™8 UV Far-RedLED sets a new benchmark for indoor grow lighting. Designed for maximum plant productivity, it features an optimized spectrum, efficient performance, and easy customization. Unlock new levels of crop quality and yield potential.

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Unlocking New Heights in Indoor Grow Lighting

Meet the future of indoor grow lighting with the ILUMINAR Lighting 630W iLogic™8 LED. Designed to outperform the competition, this cutting-edge LED fixture is packed with features that set a new industry standard.

Unlock new heights of crop quality with a broader spectrum that promotes faster growth combined with more branching. Additional UV helps strengthen plants, boosting the production of terpenes and essential oils.

Key Specifications:

  • Wattage: 630W
  • PPF: 1,800 µmol/s
  • Efficacy: 2.85 µmol/J
  • Color Temperature: 3350K
  • Power Cord Not Included

Experience the following benefits with the iLogic™8 LED:

New Benchmark for Indoor LED Grow Lighting

The iLogic™8 LED family redefines indoor grow lighting with full-spectrum and UV+Far-Red lighting. Enjoy deep, penetrating light intensity and industry-leading uniformity over a 4′ x 4′ footprint. This fixture is the new standard for efficiency and crop quality.

Expanding Crop Quality and Yield Potential

Unlock new heights of crop quality with a broader spectrum that promotes faster growth and branching. The additional UV light strengthens plants, enhancing terpene and essential oil production.

Optimized for Demanding Floriculture

The iLogic™8 is designed for demanding applications in floriculture. It’s ready to scale up with your operation, offering unbeatable reliability, longevity, and performance.

Maximizing Plant Productivity

The iLogic™8 LED drives maximum plant productivity, even in dense canopies in CO2-enriched flowering rooms. It excels in single or multi-tier cultivation environments, promoting compact and vigorous growth, and high-level secondary metabolite production through full-spectrum output.

Weight 50.3 lbs
Dimensions 41.9 × 39.4 × 4.9 in

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ILUMINAR Lighting is the leading manufacturer in the agricultural market, specializing in a comprehensive range of indoor lighting solutions. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures our clients achieve maximum yields and product quality through an extensive product lineup spanning light spectrum, energy efficiency, and voltage options. Our state-of-the-art LED and DE Grow Lighting boasts the industry's lowest failure rate, making us the go-to choice for indoor horticultural lighting that truly goes the distance.