ILUMINAR 1000W iLogic9 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 120V-277V

$ 1,700.00 USD

The iLogic™9 Full Spectrum LED is a high-efficiency fixture designed for light-hungry plant species and cultivars. With incredible PPF, canopy penetration, and uniformity, it’s the go-to solution for boosting growth rates and flower production in sealed grow rooms. Get bigger yields, higher quality, and enhanced crop homogeneity with this advanced LED grow light.

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ILUMINAR Lighting iLogic™9 Full Spectrum LED: The Ultimate Solution for High-Efficiency Grow Lighting

When your plants crave more light, it’s time to deliver. The ILUMINAR Lighting iLogic™9 Full Spectrum LED is designed to meet the demands of light-hungry plant species and cultivars, helping growers exceed their highest productivity goals without compromising on crop quality.

Key Specifications:

  • PPF: 2800 µmol/s
  • Efficacy: 2.8 µmol/J
  • Input Power: 1000W
  • 120-277V Model
  • Power Cord Not Included

Powerful Canopy Penetration

The iLogic™9 Full Spectrum fixture delivers an incredible 2800 μmol/s PPF, allowing it to penetrate deeply into even the densest indoor plantations. This means lower growth tips receive the intensity they need to reach the canopy, resulting in more viable flower sites per plant. Cultivators enjoy bigger yields, higher quality, and overall crop homogeneity.

Ideal for Sealed Grow Rooms with CO2 Supplementation

The iLogic™9 is the go-to high-efficiency fixture for sealed grow rooms enhanced with CO2 supplementation. Its nine light bars ensure extremely high light intensity and uniformity across a 4′ x 4′ footprint, driving unbeatable growth rates and flower production.

Zero-Compromise Solution

The iLogic™9 is designed for production-focused growers who refuse to compromise. Assembling and hanging the fixture takes minutes, thanks to ILUMINAR Lighting’s lightweight aluminum casing and four-point hanging system. Experience the power of an enhanced canopy penetration without the chore of remedial foliage stripping, promoting the development of lower and mid-tier flower sites.

Elevate your indoor plantations to the next level with the ILUMINAR Lighting iLogic™9 Full Spectrum LED. Get ready for bigger yields, higher quality, and improved crop homogeneity like never before.

Weight 52.5 lbs
Dimensions 41.9 × 39.4 × 4.9 in

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ILUMINAR Lighting is the leading manufacturer in the agricultural market, specializing in a comprehensive range of indoor lighting solutions. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures our clients achieve maximum yields and product quality through an extensive product lineup spanning light spectrum, energy efficiency, and voltage options. Our state-of-the-art LED and DE Grow Lighting boasts the industry's lowest failure rate, making us the go-to choice for indoor horticultural lighting that truly goes the distance.