Resinator OG Classic Bundle: Multifunction All-In-One Trimmer, Sifter, and Washer

$ 4,775.00 USD

Introducing the all-in-one, budget-friendly Original Resinator OG Classic Bundle. Packed with the industry-leading features of our XL Resinator Classic but tailored for non-commercial processing needs. Revolutionize your post-harvest processing with our patented Liquid CO2 technology. Trim, sift, or wash – it’s your all-in-one solution!

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Meet the Original Resinator’s OG Classic Bundle – the smaller, more affordable sibling of our industry-leading XL Resinator Classic Bundle. Designed for those who demand the best but don’t require commercial-sized capacities.

Whether you wear the hat of a grower, processor, or both, this machine’s unmatched functionality streamlines your business operations. Experience our revolutionary patented Liquid CO2 technology that flash freezes its chamber for both dry or ‘live’ bladeless Cryo-Trim®. Say goodbye to tumble trimming. Engage in dry or ‘live’ kief sifting with Cryo-Sieve® or delve into ice water hash washing. All in this single unit!

Capable of handling 1.5 lb of dry material for trimming/washing or up to 3 lb of trim for sifting per run, it’s designed to save time and elevate your business.

If you don’t require all functionalities, consider our OG Base model kits for cost-effective trim, sift, or wash solutions with the flexibility of future upgrades.

Product Features:

  • Trim time reduction by up to 85% compared to hand trimming.
  • Removable micron and mesh trim screens suitable for both wet and dry material.
  • Solventless sifting and trimming with liquid CO2 via Cryo-Trim® and Cryo-Sieve® technology.
  • Option for creating Crop-to-Cure® live dried cannabis (requires a freeze dryer).
  • Compatible with both hemp and cannabis material for THC or CBD products.
  • Low energy consumption with 110/120v power requirement.
  • CE and CSA rated with a 2-year industry-leading warranty and Buyback Guarantee program.
  • Expedited shipping options available.

Note: Liquid CO2 is essential for Cryo-Trim® and Cryo-Sieve®, which is not included in the package.

Enhance your post-harvest operations further with our rosin presses and freeze dryers.

Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 19 × 24 in