Resinator XL Classic Bundle: Multifunction All-In-One Trimmer, Sifter, and Washer

$ 6,335.00 USD

Introducing the all-in-one Original Resinator Classic Bundle XL. Equipped with revolutionary patented Liquid CO2 technology, this machine offers unmatched post-harvest functionality for both growers and processors. Trim, sift, or wash with our largest and most efficient machine yet.

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Meet the Original Resinator’s Classic Bundle XL. Tailored for those who demand excellence in post-harvest processing, this unit stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Using groundbreaking patented Liquid CO2 technology, the Resinator XL offers bladeless Cryo-Trim® capabilities, ensuring that your buds are never tumble trimmed. Engage in both dry and live kief sifting with Cryo-Sieve® or dive into ice water hash washing. As our most expansive machine, it boasts the capacity to trim or wash up to 7 lbs of dry material or sift over 14 lbs of trim in one go.

If you don’t require all functionalities, consider our XL Base model kits for a cost-effective trim, sift, or wash solution with the flexibility of future upgrades.

Product Features:

  • Significantly cut trim time by over 85% compared to hand trimming.
  • Interchangeable micron and mesh trim screens suitable for both wet and dry material.
  • Solventless sifting and trimming with liquid CO2 via Cryo-Trim® and Cryo-Sieve®.
  • The unique ability to create Crop-to-Cure® live dried cannabis (requires freeze dryer).
  • Universally compatible with hemp and cannabis for both THC and CBD products.
  • Operates on 110/120v with minimal power consumption.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty and our Buyback Guarantee program.
  • Quick international shipping options available.

Each Resinator Classic Bundle is loaded with essential tools: a set of micron drum screens, Bubblebag™ resin collection bags, mesh trim screen, resin collection tools, hose/fittings for water and CO2 operations, a digital scale, thermometer, timer, and an instructional USB with SOPs.

Further refine your product with available screens and trim options.

For an all-rounded solventless solution, pair the Resinator XL with our rosin presses and freeze dryers.

Note: Liquid CO2 is vital for Cryo-Trim® and Cryo-Sieve® operations and isn’t included in the package.

Weight 87 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 23 × 27 in