VYPR DUO 3×2 LED Top Light

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  • Up to 3.8 μmol/J high efficacy
  • VYPR DUO 3×2 Remote Mount: Efficiently illuminates larger grow areas
  • VYPR DUO 3×2 Cradle Mount: Increases available light for high PPFD applications
  • Cost-effective lighting solutions for various grow environments
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The VYPR 3x & DUO 3×2 Grow Lights represent the pinnacle of energy-efficient horticultural lighting technology. These lights offer exceptional performance, allowing you to replace traditional HPS lights while enjoying significant energy savings. Whether you’re growing in a large facility or constrained spaces, VYPR has a solution for you.

Key Features:

  • Market-Leading Efficiency: Achieve high efficacies of up to 3.8 μmol/J, making these lights ideal for replacing HPS lights while reducing energy consumption.
  • VYPR DUO 3×2 Remote Mount: Distribute the same amount of light to a larger grow area while optimizing costs. Perfect for grow environments with limited ceiling heights.
  • VYPR DUO 3×2 Cradle Mount: Emit the same amount of light as VYPR 3p but in a more compact fixture. Install more fixtures on a single truss for higher available light per truss, suitable for high PPFD applications.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: These lights are designed for various grow environments, ensuring you have the right lighting solution for your unique needs.

Enhance your cultivation space with VYPR 3x & DUO 3×2 Grow Lights. Whether you need to illuminate a larger grow area or maximize light intensity, these lights offer cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions to meet your horticultural lighting requirements.

Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 24.09 × 2.91 × 3.23 in

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